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At Brincat Pianos, we only stock European pianos of the highest quality – that way, we’re confident that you can play your way to absolute perfection.

We want to share our passion for music with the world – that’s why we also offer short term piano rental and a rental purchase scheme which means you can own your own piano without paying the full price up front.

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Grand Pianos

Nothing says grandeur and luxury like a beautiful grand piano. With new and second-hand European pianos in stock, you’ll find options ranging from the slightly more compact baby grand (around 1.5 metres), concert grand (2.2 to 3  metres) to the boudoir grand (1.7 to 2.2 metres).


Upright Pianos

What is a home without an upright piano?  Often favoured for their space-saving capacity, modest price range and amenability to new or amateur musicians, we have a fantastic range of new and second-hand upright pianos that will suit your every need.


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