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At Brincat Pianos, we only stock European pianos of the highest quality so that we can feel confident that you can play your way to absolute perfection.

We want to share our passion for music with the world – that’s why we also offer short term piano rental and a rental purchase scheme which means you can own your own piano without paying the full price up front.

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As a young boy, our founder Saviour Brincat was under the musical tutelage of Dun Karm Scerri. He went on to become a talented organist, playing at St Gregory’s Church in Sliema and St Catherine’s Parish in Zejtun.

Eventually, Saviour began working part-time with a local piano distributor. Ever the curious mind, Saviour soon started to refurbish old pianos, restoring them to their former glory using a combination of patience, skill, care and new parts. In 1964, Saviour mastered the art of piano servicing in Germany.

Saviour opened his own paint and varnish manufacturing business in Handaq, and enjoyed so much success that he no longer had the time for his passion-project – refurbishing pianos.


That was when he decided it was high time he began importing pianos to bring some of the best-quality pianos in the world all the way to our little, sun-soaked island in the middle of the Mediterranean. In the late 80s, Saviour set about looking at piano brands from all over Germany, selecting only those brands that met his high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Thanks to his hard work and vast musical knowledge, Saviour built Brincat Pianos into the people’s premier shop for anyone looking to bring the gift of music into their homes and hearts. Since his passing in 1994, we’ve been determined to carry on his legacy by bringing the same dedication and commitment to quality to our clients every single day.

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