The R 2 Millenium maintains the properties of the popular Millenium upright piano. Now with a height of 114 cm, it is characterized by the design features of the C. Bechstein Residence line with a new acoustic assembly, an optimized soundboard and rib dimensions and a new scale for the speaking lengths of the strings.

In contrast to the Academy pianos, the new Residence series continues to use agraffes across the entire tonal range. In combination with the C. Bechstein hammer heads with a walnut wooden core, the well-known C. Bechstein Residence sound character was further refined. A pronounced development of dynamics and the also newly engineered action and keyboard assembly enable an even more nuanced touch.

The popular Millenium cabinet design remains almost unchanged and has only been minimally adapted. It will remain as one of the C. Bechstein top sellers in the Residence line, pure, self-confident, with an impressive sound. In short, a piano both classical and modern!

Finish: Black (will soon be available in polished white)

Height: 114cm

Optional: C. Bechstein Vario System (The C. Bechstein Vario digital mute makes a two-in-one out of your acoustic piano: you can play night and day without disturbing anyone.) Chrome fittings and Chrome gliders are available as an optional feature as well.

Available by order.