W. Hoffmann Vision V 2

A small but sweet instrument with a pleasant touch and a sound rich in overtones. Incredible value for money.

Available in Black, White, Mahogany and Walnut
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The small piano for big ideas

Do you consider playing piano to be more than just practising? Do you like trying new things, letting your imagination off the leash and working on your ideas? It is exactly with creative people like you in mind that we have developed the new W.Hoffmann Vision V 2 – the small piano for big ideas. And despite its slight frame, it really packs a powerful sound – and also comes from one of Europe’s most historically important music centres, the university city of Hradec Králové.

The Sound of Europe

The Vision V 2 is manufactured in the heart of Europe – and you can really hear it. This “Sound of Europe” is something that we are particularly proud of, because it transforms the idea of Europe into a true audio experience: from the bass to the highest registers, the Vision V 2 has a beautiful, smooth sound, providing you with all the dynamic possibilities that you need to realise your creative musical ideas.

European sound culture in a timeless, compact design

The Vision V 2 does more than just treat you and your listeners to beautifully sounding entertainment. With its modern style and clean, simple forms, it is also very easy on the eye.


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