Zimmermann Baby Grand

This Zimmermann baby grand has been built in a black case with an attractive gloss finish and features a full size 88 key keyboard.

This piano has a typical mellow European sound but with some extra bite to the tone, a varied palette of sounds making this piano very versatile and ideal for a varierty of different musical genres.

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About Zimmermann: One of our personal favourites and a name synonymous with musical excellence, Zimmermann is a German brand founded in Leipzig, Germany in 1884. By 1912 the company was crafting over 10,000 pianos each year, easily making it one of Europe’s biggest piano manufacturers at the time. Zimmermann grew into a global exporter, selling over 400,000 instruments worldwide before being incorporated by C. Bechstein AG in 1991. Today’s Zimmermann pianos are produced in Saxony, Germany, where the Bechstein company’s factories are located.


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